World Bank-IFC Conference on Housing Finance in South Asia, Jakarta, May 27-29, 2009

Housing finance markets have been changing dramatically across South Asia. The global financial turbulence has varying effects on different markets. On the one hand, housing finance markets are growing to match a rising demand for housing. On the other hand, some countries are facing a liquidity crunch on global capital markets. In light of the changing financial landscape, the time is right to address policy and practical questions about housing finance. What is the right balance between innovation and regulation? How extensive are the risks posed by housing finance to the financial system? What are appropriate measures for promoting affordable housing?Â

The workshop blended policy principles with practical, real-life applications. Topics addressed included:

  • Countries’ experiences with housing finance
  • Effects of the financial crisis on housing finance in South Asia, and lessons to be drawn from East Asian crisis in 1997-98
  • Impact of the liquidity crunch and solutions for overcoming the disruption of capital markets
  • Feasibility of prudent low-income housing finance and experiences opposite to a “subprime” market approach

The workshop gathered senior officials from ministries of housing and development, ministries of finance; from mortgage regulation departments of central banks; mortgage market facilities and securities and exchange commissions; securitization companies and housing funds; mortgage companies; and experts from donor institutions working in the South Asia region.

The various issues raised and discussed in the conference were:

  • Housing and Housing Finance Policy in Indonesia
  •  South Asia Housing Finance MarketsÂ
  • Housing Finance Market in Afghanistan
  • Housing Finance Market in Pakistan
  • Housing Finance Market in India
  • Housing Finance Market in Bangladesh
  • Housing Finance Market in Sri Lanka
  • Measuring the Development of Housing Finance Markets: new development indicators
  • Dealing with Real Estate Related Financial CrisesÂ
  • The Sub-prime Crisis in the USA: an insider view
  • Presentations and Panel Discussion: Lessons from East Asia and their Applications Today
  • Lessons from the 97-98 crisis for Malaysia
  • The Evolution of Mortgage and MBS Markets in Korea
  • Market-Based Experiences in Low-Income Housing Finance
  • South Asian countries Experience with Low Income Housing Finance
  • Experiences of Savings-for-Housing Schemes: a tool to expand access access to housing finance
  • Liquidity Issues for Mortgage Lenders
  • Changing conditions for funding policies
  • Managing the liquidity crisis in India
  • Australia’s mortgage market, coping with the crisis,Â
  • Reevaluating the liquidity risk
  • Restoring disrupted funding markets: the setting of new securitization standards,
  • The Role of Liquidity facilities
  • Case studies of Secondary Mortgage Liquidity Facilities
  • IFC & World Bank Experience in Establishing Liquidity Facilities