Conference on Constructing and Financing Affordable Housing across Asia

2nd – 3rd April 2019  
Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia

The event will showcase the innovative solutions, new enabling technologies and means of addressing some of the challenges faced in meeting the needs of a growing urbanizing population in Asia. The program covers the housing value chain from access to land, housing construction, urban planning to the financing of developers and end affordability for home buyers in lower and middle-income groups.    Read More

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Asia Pacific Union For Housing Finance!

Asia Pacific Union For Housing Finance, APUHF is a platform to act as a knowledge sharing and networking medium. The forum intends to promote coalition and coordination among the South Asia Countries in determining their housing and housing finance solutions. APUHF will also track the events and happenings in the housing markets globally. The forum focuses on initiatives taken by the different member countries in their own regional contexts. The users of the platform will include member…


International Conference on Housing Finance on Housing – An engine for Inclusive Growth’ held during April 11-13, 2013 in New Delhi, India


Presentations made in the International Conference on  Housing : An Engine for Inclusive Growth  in New Delhi, India, held during April 11 – April 13, 2013

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Asia Pacific Union For Housing Finance, APUHF is a platform to act as a knowledge sharing and networking medium.


The importance of housing worldwide cannot be overstated. Housing is a critical social necessity. Shelter has been historically equated with a basic human right alongwith food and clothing. Housing not only provides shelter, it is the also cornerstone of community life, the center of family activities and a reference point for societal esteem, and above all the most important financial asset of the poor. Of the three basic social needs i.e., the food, clothing and shelter, shelter is often beyond the reach of the poor of many societies around the globe. While the poorest somehow manage to procure food and clothing, still there are hundreds of millions of shelter-less poor around the globe.



To provide a basis and a platform for exchange of ideas, views, experiences, events, practices, products, products in different countries of South Asia which may help in policy design, strategic intervention, design of different instruments, for low income housing and the housing finance market, exchange of learning and best practices so as to facilitate a coordinated approach towards “Housing for All” in different countries in the region.